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During this uncertain time we are offering PPE items to our dental customers and the general public. Please note that we will be adding more items as we receive them in stock. Coming soon KN95 mask, thermometers and gowns. Please come back to check Price breaks on orders of 10, 40 or more. For bulk orders please contact our sales team at 1(631)923-2697. Medical Facilities Please call our office for further discounts. 1(631) 923-2698.

NOTE: These are LEVEL 3 masks and are superior to all masks with a BFE lower than 98%
  • $30

    Earloop procedure mask 50 per box

    Characteristics Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
    (BFE) % ≥95 ≥98 ≥98
    (PFE) % ≥95 ≥98 ≥98
    (ΔP) (mm H2O/cm2) <4.0 <5.0 <5.0
    Resistence to penetration by synthetic blood, (mmHg) 80 120 160
    Flame Spread Class I Class I Class I
    Instructions how to use:
    1. Position mask with folded layer and ear loop fasteners on the outside of the mask
    2. Pull ear loops tight around ears. Confirm mask is secure around circumference of face for customized safety.
    3. Secure nose-piece comfortably over bridge of nose.
    4. Pull mask down fanning mask under chin
      made in China
  • $
    5pcs/box CE Certificate Minimum order quantity: 1000 Non Sterile
  • $25
    Medical Earloop Masks IIR 50pcs/box IIR - Level Three equivelant
  • $18
    KN95 5pc Pack -
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UPS Ground

East Coast - $8
South - $10
Central $12
West Coast $15

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